Chris Black - drums

EquipmentPearl drums, Sabian cymbals, hands and feet
Favorite drummersMyself ca. 1997; Dave Lombardo, Nicko McBrain and Mikkey Dee ca. 1987; Gene Hoglan mid/late 90s; Bobby Jarzombek with Riot
Size of music collection2,500
Most wanted itemsDehumanizer LP, Shock Treatment 7", Lemmymania bootleg
Fondest studio memoryThe drum set and my Aerobed both being huge
Worst studio memory"Endlessly" not behaving
What's wrong in the worldThe lame-ass baby boomer generation and their morally-deformed offspring
What's rightI am the Hammer
Favorite Pharaoh songThe ones with juxtaposing titles: "Endlessly" and "Never, Not Again".
Heavy metal mantra"This one's called 'Metropolis.'"