Chris Kerns - bass

EquipmentWarwick bass, Bass POD, and Ampeg amplification
Favorite bassistsThe most inspirational have been Steve Harris, Geddy Lee, and Geezer Butler
Size of music collection1300-1400 cd's, and maybe 300 cassettes from the days of yore that I never got rid of
Most wanted itemsAll those damn Japanese bonus tracks that are too expensive to get my hands on!
Fondest studio memoryHearing "The Longest Night" tracks in their nearly finished form blaring through the studio speakers, and having it really dawn on me just how truly special what we created had turned out
Worst studio memoryHaving a bad bass day on the 1st recording day of our initial 4-song studio session. However, it became motivation to motor through everything proper-like in an hour or so on day 2.
What's wrong in the worldIt's too easy to become part of a speeding merry-go-round where you spend all of your efforts hanging on just to keep up. Also, too many people are lost on the notion of just how much of a gift that life itself is.
What's rightThe evidence of all of life's great things is there to behold, if you can find them and hang on to them, and find the right people to share them with.
Favorite Pharaoh songEither "Fighting" or "In The Violet Fire"
Heavy metal mantra"What's good is good, right? When heavy metal is done right, it's really something great to experience, and it doesn't even matter if anyone agrees with you or not."