Matt Johnsen - guitar

EquipmentGuitar: 1991 Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom. Amp: Peavy 5150 (original block letter). Obviously, I'm not much of a gearhead, but I had a ball using all of the great shit Matt Crooks has in his studio
Favorite guitaristsRon Jarzombek and Mattias Eklundh are my very favorite players at the moment, but my list of favorites will always include Andy Summers, Chris Poland, and James Murphy
Size of music collection3600 CDs, ~150 LPs and 7"s, ~1000 demo tapes and live bootlegs
Most wanted itemsoff the top of my head: The Last Exit sessions featuring Sting, "Images of Despair" by Coprofago, and anything from Arakain. I'm always looking for something!
Fondest studio memoryNailing the "After the Fire" solo in one take, or doubling the "In the Violet Fire" solo in two takes. (I guess solos in "Fire" songs are my forte.) And if not one of those, then drinking the fabled Coronita!
Worst studio memoryRecording a certain Iron Maiden cover which shall remain nameless
What's wrong in the worldPresident Bush and fascists everywhere
What's rightHayao Miyazaki's movies
Favorite Pharaoh song"Sunrise"
Heavy metal mantra"Don't just listen to metal, but don't stop listening to metal!"