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The Longest Night now available on vinyl

Pharaoh's second album, The Longest Night is now available as a gatefold double LP pressed in 180 gram high-density vinyl. Pure Steel Records in Germany has partnered with Cruz del Sur Music to release several CdS titles on vinyl and hopefully this will just be the first of many Pharaoh vinyl releases. Order the record directly from Pure Steel at

Pharaoh schedules first US live show

After years of toiling in the studio, Pharaoh is finally coming out from under its rock to play live in front of its American fans. The band is scheduled to open the third annual Alehorn of Power festival at the Double Door in Chicago, IL on August 9, 2008. The festival, which is sponsored by Cruz del Sur Music, will also feature Icarus Witch, Bible of the Devil, Slough Feg, and the almighty Trouble. This may be Pharaoh's last live appearance of the year, so be sure to come see the band on stage while you have the chance!

Pharaoh releases third album, Be Gone

American heavy metal band PHARAOH will release its third album, entitled Be Gone, on April 24 via Cruz del Sur Music. Like its critically-acclaimed predecessor, The Longest Night, the new album was recorded with Matt Crooks at MCR Studios in Manassas, Virginia. Be Gone was mastered by Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering.

Be Gone track listing:

  1. Speak to Me
  2. Dark New Life
  3. No Remains
  4. Red Honor
  5. Buried at Sea
  6. Rats and Rope
  7. Cover Your Eyes and Pray
  8. Telepath
  9. Be Gone

As a special treat for fans (and, it must be said, for the band themselves) the track "Dark New Life" features guest guitar solos from Mark Reale and Mike Flyntz from RIOT. Jim Dofka also appears for the third time on as many PHARAOH albums, contributing his extraordinary guitar chops to the song "No Remains".

To coincide with the band's performance at the upcoming Keep It True X festival on April 5 in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany, Cruz del Sur has released special digipack version of Be Gone, which will also include a PHARAOH patch. Pure Steel Records has meanwhile confirmed plans for a vinyl release of The Longest Night, PHARAOH's breakthrough 2006 release.

PHARAOH is currently negotiating select U.S. shows for the summer of 2008 and also planning the release of a split 7" with CANVAS SOLARIS later this year, with both bands performing songs by the legendary technical thrash band CORONER.

Pharaoh hard at work on third album

[official press release]

PHARAOH, the American heavy metal band featuring vocalist Tim Aymar (CONTROL DENIED), has entered the studio to begin recording its third album, "Be Gone", to be released shortly before the group's first European appearance (and first show ever!!!) at Germany's Keep It True festival on April 5 2008 at the Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen.

Commented Aymar: We're going to be finishing my tracks next week, and we'll be going back to the first couple tracks we did and adding a few artistic touches. These have been the most productive PHARAOH sessions to date, and the results are also the best ever. I've had a much easier time with these tunes, and even found it strange at times that there were not any major obstacles or technical problems. Oddly enough, no beers were involved in the vocal recordings. Coffee, lots of water, Matt's special throat tea, and black licorice were my choice of weapons. After a couple sessions, we did have a few beers though.

"This record has been the most productive yet for me with PHARAOH . . . There's a lot more singing going on with this one, more musical substance without superfluous repetition. One song, which at first seems like it might qualify as epic is 'Cover Your Eyes and Pray', which lands at only about four and a half minutes."

Despite the widespread fan and critical acclaim surrounding its two albums, PHARAOH has yet to perform live. "We haven't had the right opportunity," drummer Chris Black previously stated. "All of us want to do it, but only under the right conditions. Tim is living in Florida now, I'm in Michigan, and the other guys are in Pennsylvania, so we're not exactly in a position to perform on stage unless the conditions and timing are 100%. And we always give priority to studio work, since that is what makes us PHARAOH. We are songwriters above all else, and that will never change."

Images from the studio:

Chris Black, blasting perhaps.

Chris Kerns, wearing the necessary safety gear.

Matt Johnsen, making tasteful music.

Tim Aymar, disturbing the neighbors.

Matt Crooks, admiring the wall of amps.

Dawnbringer - In Sickness And In Dreams out now

cover detailThere's a new release in the extended Pharaoh family, the third full length album from Dawnbringer, now out on Battle Kommand Records. Written and recorded by Chris Black (who plays the drums and bass, and sings on the album) and featuring lead guitars by Matt Johnsen, In Sickness and In Dreams will not be confused for a Pharaoh side-project, but attentive listeners might hear some primal and rough-hewn parallels. The CD can be purchased from Mr. Black directly (chrisblackplanet at yahoo dot com) or via the Battle Kommand website.

The Longest Night Now Available on iTunes

Now you can download The Longest Night directly to your iPod for the modest sum of $9.90. It's not as cheap as a bit torrent, but it's a whole lot more ethical. Also, the reviews keep pouring in, and they're looking fine!

The Longest Night is out now!

The Longest Night is finally available for sale in both Europe and the United States! It's getting some great reviews as well. Hear for yourself!

Band member profiles added

Q&A profiles of each Pharaoh band member have been added to the Band page. Just click on a name to learn all that you'll ever need to know about the four men behind The Longest Night.

Pre-order The Longest Night!

PHARAOH fans worldwide can now pre-order the new album via The End Records in North America and Cruz del Sur elsewhere. By pre-ordering the album, you will have it in your hands as close as possible to the February 21st release date.

New Album, New Website

Welcome to the new, freshly redesigned to commemorate the imminent release of Pharaoh's second album, The Longest Night, due on February 21, 2006, on Cruz del Sur Music. An official-type press release is being drawn up even now, but in the meantime, take a look around, have a listen to the new mp3s on the Music page, and enjoy the nighttime scenery.

New album complete - official press release

PHARAOH has announced the completion of its second full-length album, entitled The Longest Night, due in February via the cutting-edge Cruz del Sur label. The close of the mixing stage this week marks a nearly six-month recording process at MCR Studios with Matt Crooks (Twisted Tower Dire, Division) at the controls. "The whole session took a bit longer than we anticipated," explained drummer Chris Black. "But the reasons are evident in the results. Individually and collectively, including Matt Crooks, we pushed our imaginations, ears, and bodies to an entirely new plane on this album. This album is everything PHARAOH fans will expect and much, much more."

A preview (unmastered) version of "Like a Ghost" is available for free download via the PHARAOH website at this address:

The Longest Night features special guest Chris Poland (Ohm, ex-Damn the Machine, Megadeth), who contributes a dazzling guitar solo to the opening track "Sunrise". "I had Chris Poland in mind when I wrote the solo section," explained Pharaoh guitarist Matt Johnsen. "I'd met him a few years ago when Ohm came around on tour, and I was hopeful that he'd agree to do a spot for us. Thank goodness he did!" The Longest Night's album artwork was painted by Jean-Pascal Fournier (Immortal, Edguy.) PHARAOH also features in its ranks veteran vocal powerhouse Tim Aymar, best known for his work with Chuck Schuldiner's Control Denied. PHARAOH's debut, After the Fire, was released by Cruz del Sur in 2003.

The Longest Night tracklist:

  1. Sunrise
  2. I am the Hammer
  3. In the Violet Fire
  4. By the Night Sky
  5. Endlessly
  6. The Longest Night
  7. Fighting
  8. Like a Ghost
  9. Up the Gates
  10. Never Run

New album - official press release

cover detailPHARAOH, the Pennsylvania-based four-piece featuring veteran vocal powerhouse Tim Aymar, best known for his work with Chuck Schuldiner's CONTROL DENIED, are nearing the completion of their second full-length album at MCR Studio. Entitled The Longest Night, the follow-up to 2003's After the Fire is said to take the band's traditional metal sound in a more sophisticated direction. Due in early autumn via Italy's Cruz del Sur Music, The Longest Night will also feature dazzling artwork by Jean-Pascal Fournier (IMMORTAL, EDGUY) and a promised special guest guitarist whose name has yet to be announced. The Longest Night is being jointly produced by Matt Crooks (TWISTED TOWER DIRE, DIVISION) and PHARAOH guitarist Matt Johnsen.

The Longest Night track listing:

01. Sunrise
02. I am the Hammer
03. Violet Fire
04. By the Night Sky
05. Kill the Dreamer
06. The Longest Night
07. Fighting
08. Like a Ghost
09. Time Goes By
10. Windchaser
11. Never Run