interviews circa The Longest Night

Lords of Metal

"So, the new album is creatively a logical step down the path of After the Fire, but the process of recording it was much more rigorous and ultimately far more satisfying, I think as well for ourselves as for the listeners." (read more)

Treehouse of Death

"Of course, Pharaoh will always write songs with guitar harmonies, and in that sense we'll always sound a little like Maiden, but this album is definitely riffier and more complex." (read more)


"We all listen to a lot of different kinds of metal, though, and when it all comes together, I think the style we arrive at is just pure heavy metal without any of the modifiers, although that primal style in itself is becoming rather old-fashioned, so traditional is just as well." (read more)


"I think it's a much more diverse album that really develops what I think we can now call the Pharaoh sound." (read more)