review highlights of After the Fire

Snakepit Magazine #12, USA

"41 minutes of resurgent heaviness. May PHARAOH sell through the roof and produce a sophomore effort that rejuvenates the scene domestically... Surprise of the issue for me and worth the years of waiting -- remember PHARAOH. 9.5/10" -Matt Coe

Live 4 Metal

"Snap, crackle, and crunch! This is the sound of Pharaoh's metallic romp, After the Fire. All I can say is, holy shit! This is an impressive slab of aggressive power metal... or classic metal... or whatever this stuff is called nowadays. Oh I know, how about heavy metal? The melodic singing is certainly present, but it is more along the lines of a Ronnie James Dio power punch, not a sissy croon...Much of this has been done before; Pharaoh just does it better and more aggressively." -Scott


"True Metal! Challenging, fist pounding thrash heaviness amongst intricate and full speed melodic mastery, topped off by a singer who hit's a remarkable range...One of those bands that is so good, it will scare people away."

Full Strength

"Pharaoh [is] more than just another US traditional/power metal act. The reason? Well, two words really. TIM AYMAR!! Yes punters, the man with pipes of gold, a power metal voice of magnificent quality...Musically, Pharaoh have used a long-established blue print - intricate, yet melodic guitar lines based around simply awesome and incredibly memorable vocal components which only become all the more apparent when Aymar wraps his emotive, yet powerful tonsils around them.... This is a buy or die proposition."